Save Your Cash

As a business owner, you strive to make your business workable by keeping up with payment technology. The best way to gain traction is to accept all credit cards, but the processing fee cut away your hard-earned profits. We help your business increase revenue by passing card processing fees to customers who pay with credit cards. This will decrease your monthly credit card processing statement and return the proceeds to your business.

At Swiped USA, our cash discount program provides compliant equipment and software that is already programmed to calculate the service fee. When your customers pay using a credit card, the processing fee will be added to the amount purchased on their receipt, and those who pay with cash will see it waived, offering them a cash discount.

Swiped USA

What Are Cash Discounts?

A business can offer customers a discount on goods or services by encouraging them to pay cash through a cash discount program. Businesses can pass the costs of accepting credit cards on to cardholders, allowing them to accept all major credit cards without losing out on discount fees if they choose to accept credit cards.

  • Save your cash
  • Cash discount signage
  • Reduce the cost of processing credit cards
Swiped USA

Eliminate Fees & Keep 100% of Your Revenue

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